Product manager. Consultant. Advocate of distributed work.

About Me

Fifteen years in tech. Three successful start-ups. A career leading high-performance virtual teams.

No longer taking clients as of April, 2015. I've joined Upwork.

I help businesses get work done online. For 15 years I've built and led distributed teams that have brought dozens of successful enterprise, web and mobile apps to market - for Silicon Valley start-ups, government orgs, non-profits and public corporations. Now I'm excited to have joined Upwork, the world's largest online workplace, to help businesses and professionals around the world find each other - and work together.

- Jeremy Reither
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P.S. You have an idea? Ideas are nothing...without people.

  • Outsourcing Consultant
  • Web Architect
  • Product Manager
  • Analytics Specialist

Select Clients

  • Joint Replacement Hospitals of America
  • The Liberty Company Insurance Brokers
  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
  • ClimateWorks Foundation

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