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Creating the Future of Work

For nearly two decades, as an evangelist for the #futureofwork and #remotework, I have leveraged, built and scaled talent marketplaces - including at two venture-backed start-ups (Upwork (IPO) and UpCounsel) - to enable buyers and sellers of "knowledge work" to connect and collaborate.

I'm currently a consultant, advisor, and contract COO to early-stage two-sided online labor marketplace start-ups, each competing for a slice of the $3.7 trillion "gig" labor market. If I can help you, please email me:

- Jeremy Reither
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"Businesses are no longer limited by the talent pool within driving distance of their offices and qualified workers can now find fulfilling, well-paying opportunities, wherever they are."

  • Strategy & Operations
  • High-Value Client Sales & Services
  • Supply Liquidity
  • Customer Success & Retention
  • Trust & Safety

Who I've Worked With

  • Upwork
  • UpCounsel
  • goLance
  • Elance

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